Monday, November 18

Day 18 - "P"

I can never resist a beautiful poinsettia, it's my all time favourite Christmas flower and the perfect choice for today's letter prompt - "P".

YOUR TURN: Create a card or paper project using the letter "P" as your prompt.
Upload a photo of your creation here:

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  1. Pretty. I love how the black background really makes the image pop.

  2. so beautiful Beccy - I colored a pink one from your white drawing of a poinsettia I own - I will be uploading a project with that soon - TFS your beautiful poinsettia card

  3. Stunning P for Pretty as a Picture this would look great framed to hang for the holidays

  4. I love poinsettias too! This is gorgeous, Beccy! Beautifully coloured and it just pops with the black cardstock! That sentiment is such a nice one, and I like those splatters!

  5. I love them too. I saw them in pink in the flower shop today. I think I might have to go back and get some, they where gorgeous. Otherwise I´m more of a traditional red poinsettia type...

  6. Your No Line Coloring is amazing Beccy... Your poinsettia is stunning against the dark background... Lovely card my dear

  7. I love the poinsettia in pink. Maybe my head has been in the sand but I have never seen a pink poinsettia before. I am not a poinsettia person and I think it is because they are red but if I can find one in pink I think I will get it.

  8. This card is B E A U T I F U L Beccy... and I LOVE it.
    I always have a poinsettia flower around the Holidays and I even have a Fiber-optic which has tiny little lights on the tip of the branches....
    Well done and thanks for sharing it.

    Your colouring is GORGEOUS Beccy and WOW - the poinsettia really POP against your BOLD, BEAUTIFUL black background, PURE MAGIC!

    I do have a question ... did you fussy cut your poinsettia panel? ... feeling TOTALLY INSPIRED and NEED to try this too, SO MUCH I want to try and I'm running out of days ;)

    1. Hi Tracy. Yes, I did fussy cut around the poinsettias, it's one of my favourite techniques. I actually find it quite relaxing.
      Don't worry about running out of days... just pin it for next year!

    2. Thank You Beccy :)
      ... I recently got a new pair of micro-tip scissors and they really need a workout, a pointy poinsettia workout!

  10. I love this against the dark background. My mother-in-law loved these at Christmas.

  11. Beautiful colouring of the poinsettias with no lines and your fussy cutting is stunning.
    They pop up so pretty against the dark background and the golden mat.
    xxx Margreet

  12. I have to be honest and say I never used to like poinsettias, both images and in real life.

    However as I have got older I do like them a lot more and recognise that they herald the Christmas season and give some much needed colour to plants in the UK at this time of year.

    The colours look amazing on your card against the black background. I love fussy cutting too. I find the concentration required to make very clean and precise cuts absorbing.

  13. Another beautiful card. Iwould never have thought of using pink on black for this digi

  14. So magnificently done using the black background, Beccy! That just makes the flowers pop. I also chose to use one of your lovely poinsettias for my card which I'll get posted shortly. :-D Poinsettias always remind me of my mom. She was the only person I knew who could take a potted poinsettia, plant it in the ground outside our home, and have it grow to more than 6 feet tall ! Of course, it helped that we never got snow where we lived. Over the years, we had a row of poinsettias around 3 sides of our house and people would actually drive through our neighborhood just to see them. Thanks for the great memories.