Friday, November 8

Comment Winner - Day Nine

Congratulations Donna!
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Some of us in the northern climes can make Frosty the Snowman right now in our backyards. It's very early here for this kind of weather but it looks like Frosty isn't waiting to make his appearance. Love that soft blue background. All those snowflakes look like they are making Frosty's day. Great card!


  1. Yay for Donna! We don't have any snow here in Nova Scotia yet but some areas of the province are getting some right now. It's just rain for us, and I'm fine with that! Too early for snow IMO!

    I've only seen snow a couple of times, never a "real" snowman, I know it's cold for you but I hope you get to share your one with us :)

  3. Congrats Donna on winning...way to go
    I sure don't want it to snow too early here on the East Coast but I've seen a few snowflakes and I told it to go