Monday, November 4

Comment Winner - Day Three

Congratulations Irene!
Your comment has won you a $5.00AU store credit at Beccy's Place.
If you already have a Beccy's Place store account, I'll be adding a $5.00AU credit very soon.
If not, please email me at to claim your prize.

Adorable Beccy, pretty dp for the background. I forgot, I got this set last year... The C's my husband would be saying would be Can you Cook.... He has realized that all of my spare time will be yours this month. Every time I go into my craft room, he says are you visiting with Beccy.... Yes, I am... SO less Cooking and Cleaning and more Card making this month.


  1. Irene! What a funny comment. I was just starting to cook dinner and I had to come out and check one more time to see what was happening at Beccy's. Congratulations!

  2. Funny comment for sure and well deserved win! Yeah! Enjoy!

  3. I think I might have to follow Irene idea about cooking and crafting...
    Congrats Irene.

    I might have to borrow your "C" for cooking this month ... and add "D" for dishes too :)

  5. What a Happy Surprise... Thank you so much. I am thankful to have such an understanding Hubby...

  6. Replies
    1. That comment is so funny! Sounds kind of familiar!