Tuesday, November 10

Day 10 - Patchwork (Tutorial)

I know I've said it time and again on this blog, but I really do love the look of patchwork.  But it can be quite tedious cutting out all those little pieces of paper and trying to fit them all together seamlessly while matching colour families... so here's a little shortcut.
YOUR TURN: Create a patchwork card.
Upload your creation HERE.
Begin by stamping some images on a panel.  As you can see, I added a large Christmas tree in the middle, three gifts and two hearts at the bottom and a couple of baubles for interest.  You can mix and match whatever images you want.

Next, I used a pencil to sketch in some lines, starting with a border around the outside of the panel.  I then used the gifts at the bottom as guides for each of the patches.  You don't have to do squares... you could do any shape you want, or just go random with some crazy quilting!

I selected a group of five colours, all with the same tonal value, and coloured in each of the patches I created as well as the images themselves.

I used a lovely white pen (Signo brand) to add dots on the images, which stood out beautifully against the bold background colours.  The final touch was using a black pen to border each patch and adding a few faux stitches here and there.

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.


  1. That looks so wonderful, thanks for sharing how to do. What a great technique.

  2. Neat card. Glad you mentioned the white pen you used. Will have to check into it--I have a hard time finding a white pen I really like. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful card! My thought when I see a patchwork is related to a stained glass.
    The colors you used are very much... alive!

  4. Fab idea for patching, esp. if you want a 1 layer card.
    I just bought a handfull of those pens for the gals I craft with. It is the best white pen I've found!

  5. Beautifull card with pretty colors. It looks like colored glass, i like it very much. Thanks for your tutorial, and excuse me for my bad English.
    Hugs and xx Wilma

  6. I love the look of this card! How fun that it's all colored and not paper pieced. I expected some paper piecing. Love the beautiful colors. Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to have to try this.

  7. Hi Beccy, Wow what a card! love the bright patchwork panel, it reminds me of lovely stained glass windows too. Have a good one...Megan

  8. Fabulous coloured/painted, looks gorgeous. x

  9. This is so lovely Beccy, I like the idea of the colouring as well. Thanks again for the inspiration. Hugs, Ursula

  10. This is so lovely Beccy, I like the idea of the colouring as well. Thanks again for the inspiration. Hugs, Ursula

  11. I am having so much fun trying to keep up with you. I am learning lots too. I love the colours you chose. It is almost like those Mendala colouring pages.

    My colouring abilities are sketchy at best (lol) but my computer can colour within the lines every time!!!!

  12. Ultra Fabulous Tutorial! Love the step-by-step walk through! Super creative card ��

  13. Wow, stunning. I love your colouring, what medium did you use?

    1. Hi Anesha,
      I used Copic markers on XPress It blending card. I always find the copics to be nice and bright.

  14. Love this Beccy - the colours are so vibrant and the cheat patchwork an inspired technique!

  15. A fabulous card and a great tutorial.
    Kath x

  16. Fabulous card Beccy, thanks for the Tutorial.

  17. Very bright and colorful card...it turned out fantastic...tfs
    Well done

  18. Thanks for the tutorial, interesting read... you've made such a colourful and snazzy Christmas card, I really like it.
    Hugs Diane Louise xx

  19. Lovely idea, it looks great.
    Hugs, Petra

  20. So beautiful and creative is your card as always you are so talented in lots of crafty ways x