Saturday, November 28

Day 28 - Something Old

I want you to dig... dig deep... right down to the bottom of your stamp drawer until you hit those dark, dusty corners where old stamps lurk unused and under appreciated.  It's time to bring them back into the light, back to where the ink flows and the markers mark!
I've had this fabulous holly stamp since the late 90's.  It used to be mounted on wood, but in the great block purge of 2011, I separated it from it's mounting and added some cling foam to the back.  Now it's stored amongst the other lovely Christmas stamps I own... not quite the bottom of the stamp drawer, but still rather unappreciated considering how lovely it is.
YOUR TURN: Use an old stamp to create a card.
Upload your creation HERE.


  1. I have plenty of old stamps that haven't been used since I started working with digi stamps. Will be fun going through them and deciding which one to use.

  2. You made a gorgeous card with that old stamp, Beccy....great coloring. I can never throw any crafting material away. As you showed, you can always use it.
    Have a great weekend!
    xxx Margreet

  3. wow, amazing coloring, the card is shining!
    Yes, I have a lot of old, never used stamps too, but I have to find them first.

  4. Not only is this a beautiful image Beccy, but I love the panel you have stamped it onto. the colours are perfect for the card.

  5. Am digging deep into my wooden block stash of stamps and so many lovely Christmas ones there, but sadly, I did donate a whole lot to the nursing home as well for the lovely residence to make their Christmas cards, but at the end of the day, there is still enough to 'go around' . great idea and a most beautiful card.

  6. The coloring on your card is beautiful!

  7. I've got lots of oldies in my stash! When I first started stamping, I would buy and buy (I worked then so I had some money hehe). Great idea to dust off the old stash! Your stamp is an oldie but a goody - it's gorgeous!

  8. Beccy -- just when I think you can't outdo your other do. This is absolutely amazing. Love the shading and coloring. I wish I could find this stamp in the "bottom of my drawer." Beautiful!!

  9. I like your card that you made from an old stamp....the coloring is awesome and I like how you made your old stamp the highlight of the card....well done

  10. Great ! Such 'old fashioned ' Christmas cards are still lovely to see.

  11. Beautiful card! so elegant and classic!

  12. That really is a wonderful stamp you've used, but it's your beautiful colouring that brings the image to live. I cannot help wondering what colouring medium you used to colour it and how you created that background?

    1. Hi Marianne,
      I used Distress markers and a water pen over a heat embossed image. The background is done in the same way... but with lots of different colours added. One of the best things about the Distress markers, in my opinion, is that they don't turn muddy when you mix a few colours together. Great medium for "messy" backgrounds.

  13. Oh, Beccy, this is a beautiful card, and I just love the holly! But it's your coloring that is exquisite! Thanks for sharing how you've colored it above! Hugs!