Sunday, November 29

Comment Winner - Day Twenty-Seven

Congratulations Mandy!
Your comments have won you a $5.00AU store credit at Beccy's Place.
If you already have a Beccy's Place store account, I'll be adding a $5.00AU credit very soon.
If not, please email me at to claim your prize.
Mandy said...

Oooh Beccy this is so shiny and looks good enough to eat. When I was a child I loved nothing more than crunching into a big lollipop like that. As an adult you are always a bit more wary of crunching just in case it's the worst kind of crunch that sends you to the dentist...... the joys of getting older eh? LOL

Thankyou for the kind comment on my blog. I have a whacking headache and my chest feels like I have a baby elephant sitting in it. Just listening to my body, getting some extra sleep when I can as I am pooped!

😒Many years ago, my dad lost part of a tooth in exactly that way Mandy. I hope you're feeling better very soon.


Suze said...

Congrats Mandy

Marilyn said...

Congrats to the winner!
Have a great day!

Mandy said...

Thanks very much Beccy. Not sure if you have a chewy sweet called a Black Jack over in Australia? I went through a phase when younger of chewing them and taking out fillings. That 'crunch' is awful.

My chest and headache is less painful thank goodness, still sneezing like a mad thing though. My MIL was panicking it was Covid :(

Teresa said...

Congratulations! Feel better soon!