Tuesday, November 30

Comment Winner - Day Twenty-Nine

Congratulations Tracy M.!
Your comment has won you a $5.00AU store credit at Beccy's Place.
If you already have a Beccy's Place store account, I'll be adding a $5.00AU credit very soon.
If not, please email me at beccy@beccysplace.com to claim your prize.
TracyM #6773 said...


I will join you for the final sprint ... I think I will have to do a clean-up first, the house is dotted with crafty bits and I am running around in circles around my Christmas Crafting Chaos, wasting time searching for items that have not been returned to their normal spot!


Donna said...

Congrats Tracy! Good luck with your final sprint.

TracyM #6773 said...


... I'm having a little "Stickles Time Out" ... it's marvellous what some dollops of Frosted Lace can do to make things right without anyone knowing that something was wrong in the first place :)

Colinda said...

Congratulations, Tracy!! That sounds so familiar, hihihi!

Suzanne H said...

Congratulations, Tracy M! Keep on creating crafty chaos!

Marilyn said...

Congrats to the winner
Have a great day!
Marilyn ❤️

terrie said...

Congrats Tracy M on the comment Challenge....way to go
You should see my craft table and room..it's going to take me a week to put everything away and clean up.

Marianne said...

Congrats TracyM!
I can so relate to this.
Things seem to magically disappear, even if you've seen them only 1 minute earlier.
Marianne x