Monday, April 30

Digital Release: Smooth Seas

Smooth Seas is now available in digital format. The set contains four black and white line drawings as well as four full colour images and coordinating sentiments. Great for nautical themed cards, Father's day, birthdays and special occasions.

Smooth Seas
digital stamps

Sunday, April 29


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Doris & Daphne

The muddiest page in my hand-coloured catalogue so far!

Saturday, April 28

2 Days To Go...

These five sets will be retired at midnight on the 30th of April 2018 (AEST)

Thursday, April 26

From Me To You

Dainty china cups with pretty purple flowers...
what could be better for a lovely Mother's Day card?

Stamps: Tea Time

Tuesday, April 24

New Release: Tea Time

Tea Time is another "Build-A-Scene" set of digital stamps. The images are all saved as transparent .png files, which means you can arrange and layer them to create different designs. The set includes both black and white line drawings for you to colour along with full colour images for quick crafting.

Tea Time
digital stamp set

No new release is complete without some fabulous inspiration from the design team...

Saturday, April 21

Also Pretty in Purple

Another card using the new Geums clear stamp set. I think the purple might look a little bit better than the pink... decisions, decisions.

Stamps: Geums

Thursday, April 19

Pretty in Pink

The first thing that caught my eye when I was looking at reference photos of geum flowers was the way the colours changed from the centre of the flower to the outer edges of the petals. I love flowers that have variegated colour markings and I'm always eager to try and replicate it with my markers, pencils or paints.

Stamps: Geums

Tuesday, April 17

New Release: Geums

These pretty Geum stamps are perfect for Mother's Day cards, birthdays or greeting cards for anyone with a green thumb. You can colour them to suit your recipient or coordinate them perfectly with your background papers and embellishments.

Remember, shipping is free to all Australian and New Zealand residents and only $2.00AU to anywhere else in the world!

Have a look at these wonderful cards created by Carla and Anesha...

Monday, April 16

Thanks Mum!

My Mum looked after our two pooches when we took a trip to Sydney recently. I thought it only fitting that they send her a card to say thanks for taking care of them both!

Stamps: Dog Tales

Saturday, April 14

Tutorial: Eclipse Cards

I received an email from one of my lovely readers, Kate, requesting a tutorial for an eclipse card. These retro cards have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity with lots of wonderful examples being posted on social media. It's a technique that can be done with any type of die, although most people are using large, individual letters to spell out a greeting. Today I'm going to show you the basic technique using a word die. You can have a flick through your own die library to find letters, words or shapes that you'd like to use, or perhaps even a large punch.

1. Start with a card blank and a topper in contrasting colours. Keep in mind that the colour of the card blank is what will show up beneath the die cut word.

2. Decorate your topper as desired, being careful not to use colours and patterns that are too bold. If the pattern is too busy or the colours too strong, you will lose the eclipse effect. (You can substitute patterned paper if you prefer, but again, make sure the pattern isn't too overpowering.)

3. Use a large die to cut a sentiment from the decorated panel. You could also use shape dies, individual letters or even large punches.

4. Remove the word from the panel and set aside, ensuring that the tiny pieces from the loops of the letters are also reserved.

5. Apply adhesive to the back of the decorated panel, centre it over the card blank, and press firmly into place. I prefer to use glue to ensure that I cover all the little curves and notches around the cut-out. Allow the adhesive to dry.

6. Flip the die cut word over so that the back is facing you. Apply glue with a fine tip applicator to all the tiny pieces that are in the loops of the letters. For example, inside the loop of the letter "e".

7. Press the whole word back into the cut out space and apply pressure to the little pieces where you applied adhesive.

8. Once dry, lift the word back out using a pair of tweezers. The small pieces in the loops of the letter should remain in place on the card - see photos below.

9. Apply small pieces of foam tape to the back of the die cut word - this is where you realise why it's necessary to use such big letters!

10. Remove the backing paper from the foam tape and position the word directly over the cut out. Press firmly into place.

11. If you have extra small pieces, such as the little dot over the letter "i", you can either apply some dimensional glue or a tiny piece of foam tape to secure it in place. If it's too fiddly, just glue it directly into the space.

And that's it, you're done!

Die: by Uniquely Creative

All photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.