Tuesday, December 24

New Release: Christmas Candy Set

The year is almost at it's end and Christmas is finally upon us.  I want to wish you all the very best for a wonderful holiday surrounded by those nearest and dearest to you.  I hope that the New Year is happy, healthy and prosperous with plenty of time for paper crafting!
This is my final set for 2013, and my last blog post too.  I'll be taking the next couple of weeks off to spend time with my wonderful family and to enjoy all the Christmas functions and traditions that we love.  See you all in 2014!
Aurore Nothias

Christine Larose

Karin van Damme
Monika Schurle

Donna Rinckel (Guest Designer)

Friday, December 20

Christmas Lantern

I have seen so many beautiful Christmas projects this year that I finally decided to get creative with something a little more ambitious than cards.  The end result of a very pleasant - and long overdue - afternoon in my studio was this cardstock and vellum lantern.  The bottom is open so that I can just place the whole thing over a battery operated "candle".

Monday, December 9

New Release: Poinsettia Set

I love poinsettias, they are my favourite Christmas flower and one of my favourite images to use on Christmas cards.  They can be coloured in so many different ways, from the traditional bright red of Christmas to non-traditional colours such as purple or blue.  This set contains some great sentiments too, perfect for both the front and the inside of your greeting cards.

Christine created this beautiful card by printing and colouring the
stylised poinsettia several times then layering it with foam tape.

Karin created her card using die cuts and non-traditional colours.

Monika made this gorgeous card and candle
cover set using the poinsettia swag. 

Aurore's card is done is the traditional colours of Christmas,
complete with a wonderful tartan background.

Our December Guest Designer is Donna Rinckel.
Donna's card features the poinsettia swag as well as one of
the beautiful Christmas sentiments included with the set.

Wednesday, December 4

Tutorial - Napkin Fold Cards

Napkin Fold cards definitely have the WOW factor!  They are made from a single sheet of cardstock that folds inward to form a kind of pouch that would be perfect for hiding a gift card or some money.  You can decorate the card with co-ordinating pieces of patterned paper and an embellished belly band to hold everything together.
Fold Template

1.  Start with a sheet of cardstock measuring 11" x 11".  Score at 23/4" and again at 81/4".  Turn the cardstock 90 degrees and score again at 23/4" and 81/4".

2.  Fold and crease along each score line.  Your cardstock should look like the photo below.

3.  Find the centre point of the cardstock by measuring 51/2" from each edge toward the middle.  Mark the centre with a small dot.

4.  Fold each corner into the centre.  Notice how my score lines line up as I fold.

5.  Open the cardstock out again.  It should look like the picture below.

6.  Now it's time to fold it up.  Start by pushing in on one side.  Hold down the large triangle with your fingers, then bring the corners of the cardstock back into the centre.  Do this on all four sides.  (I practiced this step with printer paper a few times before I got the hang of it.)
 7.  Now take one corner and fold it backward, lining up all the edges and points.  Crease well, and repeat for the remaining three points.

8.  You've now finished creating the base card.  All that's left is the decorating... the fun part!

9.  To decorate, you'll need three sheets of co-ordinating patterned paper.  One that measures 5" x 5" and two that measure 43/4" x 43/4".

10.  Start with the paper measuring 5" x 5".  Use your trimmer or a craft knife to cut from one corner to the other so you end up with two large triangles.

11.  Cut both triangles in half again so you end up with four smaller triangles.  Set them aside.

12.  Cut the two 43/4" x 43/4" pieces of patterned paper in the same way so you end up with four triangles from each sheet of paper.  Now cut each of these small triangles once more so you have eight tiny triangles from each sheet of paper.

13.  You should now have four large triangles and sixteen small triangles.

14.  These triangles will fit perfectly inside each of the creases you made on your card, with a little border around the edges.  If desired, ink the edges of your patterned paper and cardstock before you adhere them together.

15. Cut a 51/4" x 51/4" piece of neutral cardstock for the centre of the card.  This is where you will add your handwritten message so make sure the cardstock you use isn't too textured or dark in colour.  Add a stamped image and sentiment then adhere to the centre panel of the card with double sided tape.

16.  Create a belly band from 12" strips of cardstock and patterned paper.  You can make the band as wide as you like.  I cut a 2" strip of vanilla cardstock, a 1" strip of red cardstock and a 3/4" strip of patterned paper for my band. 

17.  Fold the band around your card to get the correct measurement.  Overlap and secure the ends at the front of the card.

18.  Embellish a little disc or tag to cover the join and add some extra strength to the band.

19.  Fold your card and slip the band over to keep everything together.  Done!