Tuesday, January 31

Open For Business

I'm very excited to announce that my digital stamp store is now OPEN!
The address is www.beccysplace.com 

As an opening day gift, I'd like to give you all this little Carnation Fairy.  He's available for purchase from the store, along with all his friends, but you can download him here for free.
Right now there are only 14 digital stamps available for purchase in my shop, but I have many more to upload over the next few weeks, so please stop by often.  I will post regular updates here on my blog... along with projects, tutorials and freebies as usual.

copyright Beccy Muir 2012

I'd like to thank my wonderful family, friends and all of you in blogland who have supported and encouraged me over the last few years.  I'm really enjoying this new challenge and looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

Monday, January 30

The Countdown...

Just 12 hours until the official opening of my new digital store!!

Sunday, January 29

Flower Fairies

The first series of drawings for my new online store will be these cute little Flower Fairies.  I've drawn one for each month of the year, beginning with carnations for January.  To make the cards, I simply added some text about the birth month next to the fairy and finished each with some matching cardstock.  When I had completed all twelve cards I bundled them up and tied them with a piece of organza ribbon to give away as a little present.

Saturday, January 28

Calendar Page

I also started to make myself a little desk calendar, but only got as far as January - which is now almost over!!  I think I'll have to add this project to next year's to do list.

Friday, January 27

Jovial Santa

For Christmas, my friend Penny gave me the most gorgeous Santa stamp from La Blanche.  I made these cards the day after I received the stamp - and yes, I did open it before Christmas... but who could wait?!
I got lots of different looks depending on the mediums and techniques I used, which were heat embossing, distress inking and double stamping.

Thursday, January 26

Melbourne and Back

Hello everyone, I'm back!!
We made it through another Christmas Day at our house, a really wonderful family vacation, and the first day back at school.  I've posted a few photos from our trip down to Victoria, along the Great Ocean Road, back up through New South Wales and into the Blue Mountains.  We took three weeks and travelled by car for over 5000km (3000miles)... and "Oh!" the sights we've seen.  Wonderful!