Saturday, September 2

Tutorial: Stippled Shadows

Last month I shared some photos of a colouring project I was working on that included areas of stippled shadow. I was asked by Kathy, one of my readers, to put together a little tutorial to explain how it's done.

1. You'll need a coloured image and some graded markers. I like to use either warm or cool greys for my shadows, but other colours work too. And although I'm using copic markers, this technique will work with other pens and mediums as well.

2. Apply dots of the darkest colour to the deepest area of shadow. In my case, that's below the body of the gnome and under his feet. Notice that my dots vary in size. Keep them larger and closer together in the main shadow section and a little smaller and further apart as you move outwards.

3. Use the next lightest marker to colour over the dark dots. Colour in small circles but don't overwork the area as you don't want to lose the dots you initially placed.

4. Using the same marker, add dots around the edge of the coloured area. Again, keep the dots larger and closer together when you're near the darker areas and smaller and further apart as your work outward.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 with your lightest marker, remembering to vary the size of the dots. If you wish, you can use the blending pen (0), to gently fade the edges of your shadows if you feel they are too harsh.

Done! If you want shadows all around an image, like I did with the floral colouring from last month, simply use the same technique keeping the darkest dots in the deepest shadow areas where there is lots of shade, such as between and under flowers and leaves. As always, practice makes perfect, so drag out those pens and set to work!