Sunday, October 1

New Digital Stamps

Jingle Bells
digital stamps
(includes 5 free digital papers)

Sandy Christmas
digital stamps


Mel C said...

Love these Beccy, so cute!

Megan J said...

Hi Beccy, loving the Sandy Christmas set, I can just see the little SLS with his red and yellow cap... Have a wonderful week... Megan

Sari / Granne said...

Jingle bells are so beautiful and love the beach snowpeople (or sandpeople) in pastel tones!!

Sandra H said...

They are so lovely x

Suze said...

These are great Beccy. I have just added them to my collection and I'm sure that they will make an appearance soon.
Love the Aussie sounding names of the sandpeople. I like that they are suitable for those of us who celebrate Christmas in summer.

Teresa said...

Nice sets. Being near the beach, I may have to get Sandy Christmas!