Sunday, August 22

Tutorial - Triangle Corner Pop Up Card

This cute pop up card is made from a single square of card stock with the addition of a little easel card in the centre. Although it's not really suitable to send through the post, it would be great to attach to a little gift, a box of home baked goodies or just to hand to a special friend or family member.


1. Place an 8" square of card stock on your score board and score at 4".

2. Rotate the card stock 90 degrees and score at 4", stopping at the first score line you made. Refer to the above template for correct placement.

3. Score diagonally from the top of the second score line you made to the start of the first score line you made. Turn the card stock and score diagonally from the top of the second score line to the end of the first score line. Again, refer to the template above for correct placement.

4. Use a craft knife or trimmer to cut from the end of the second score line, straight down to the bottom of the card stock. Fold along all the score lines. Your card should look like the photos below.

5. The card is formed by folding one of the bottom sections of the card stock over the other.

6. To make the small easel card for the centre, place a 6" x 3" piece of card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 3". Fold.

7. Use a die or other cutting template to create a circle or shaped card. Cut an additional piece of card stock the same size and shape to create the front of the easel. It doesn't matter what shape you choose as long as the entire easel card fits completely within the card base.

8. Fold the front of the easel card in half so that the fold line is parallel to the centre fold of the card.

9. Time to decorate! You'll need images or embellishments for the two sides of the card base and the front of the easel card as well as a sentiment or embellishment to act as an anchor inside the easel card. To decorate the panels, you'll need one 33/4" square of patterned paper, two 31/2" squares of patterned paper cut in half diagonally to form four triangles, one 37/8" square of black card stock, and two 33/4" squares of black card stock cut in half diagonally to form four triangles.

10. Adhere all the patterned paper to the black card stock with glue or double-sided tape.

11. Complete the easel card by attaching the image to the front and the sentiment to the inside with foam tape. Adhere the patterned papers to the different sections of the card base.

12. To help the card stay open, attach two tiny magnets to the bottom corners of the two bottom sections. I punched two small circles from a flat, business card-type magnet and secured them with glue.

13. Start by gluing the magnet on the left hand panel, as shown below. Add the second magnet on top of the first making sure they are lined up so they attract rather than repel. Add a spot of glue to the second magnet and bring the right hand section of the card over the top. Hold in place for a few seconds until the glue dries.

You should have a magnet on the top part of the left hand section and the bottom part of the right hand section, as shown below.

14. Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the easel card in the centre of the card base so that it faces forward. No part of the easel card should extend beyond the sides of the card base.

15. Finish by adding additional images, sentiments and embellishments. You may like to close the card with a belly band or a simple piece of ribbon or twine.

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Donna Ellis said...

What a fantastic card and tutorial, Beccy! xx

terrie said...

Thank you for the tutorial...such a wonderful card fold.

Christine said...

Wow! This sounds so simple but the finished effect is great.
Thanks for sharing

kiwimeskreations said...

thanks for this great tutorial Beccy.
Stay safe

Jackie T said...

Hi Beccy this is a fantastic card. I love it. Thank you for the tutorial. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Teresa said...

Neat card and tutorial. Thank you.

Suze said...

I have just been attempting this card and followed your instructions but the mats and patterned paper seem to be too big for the areas that they go in. I've trimmed them down to make them fit but think the measurements above might need to be altered. Either that or I didn't follow the instructions very well.

Beccy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry Suze. You're absolutely right about me posting the wrong measurements... for some reason I added an extra inch to each one!
Thank you for letting me know, I've made the necessary adjustment to the instructions. My apologies.

Suze said...

Thanks Beccy.