Friday, January 10

Tutorial - Fold Over Box Card

If you've got a special occasion coming up - perhaps a significant birthday, a big party, or you want to express a hearty thank you - then this card might be the perfect project for you. It has an awesome built in gift box that is relatively easy to make and can be decorated to suit any number of different occasions. I've created my card with a see-through top, but you can leave yours solid to hide whatever goodies you want to place inside.

1. You will need one piece of card stock measuring 10" x 10", two pieces of card stock measuring 6" x 9" and an assortment of coordinating patterned papers and embellishments for decorating.

2. Place one of the 6" x 9" pieces of card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 3". Repeat with the second piece of 6" x 9" card stock. Fold along each score line.

3. Overlap the two 3" x 6" sections of card stock and glue in place to form the card base. It doesn't really matter which side you place on top as you'll be covering the outside with patterned paper.

4. I'm making a window in the front of my card, but if you'd prefer to leave it solid then you will now need to decorate the front with a piece of patterned paper and whatever embellishments you desire.

I have created a button closure for my card, but if you want a ribbon tie closure you will need to secure the two ends of ribbon between the card base and the patterned paper, both front and back.

5. I have coloured and cut out the three goldfish from the Fantail Goldfish set and enclosed them in a laminated panel (see my post from a couple of days ago). I'm going to use this as a "window" in the front of my card.

6. To create the window, I've cut away a 4" x 4" panel from the centre front of my card. I've also cut a 41/4" x 41/4" panel from the front of my patterned paper to create a pretty frame.

7. The laminated goldfish are sandwiched between the patterned paper and the card base and secured in place with double sided tape and glue.

8. Add patterned paper to the inside of the card, leaving a small border if desired.

9. Add patterned paper to the outside spine of the card. (If you're adding a ribbon closure, you'll have a piece of ribbon secured on the back of the card sandwiched between the card base and another piece of patterned paper.)

10. I have added two eyelets to either side of my card base for the button and twine closure. Again, if you prefer to have a ribbon closure you will need to secure a length of ribbon to either side of the card base.

11. To attach the button, thread a length of twine through both eyelets and then through the button. Tie knots in the twine to secure it in place, then trim the excess. Your button should hang about 11/2" from the card front. Set your card base aside.

12. To make the box, place the 10" x 10" piece of card stock on your score board and score at 3" on all four sides. Fold along the score lines.

13. With a craft knife and ruler, form tabs in each of the four corners by cutting along the fold lines until you reach the intersecting fold. See the photos below.

14. Trim narrow triangles from the inside of each tab as shown in the photos below. Trim about 1" from the length of each tab to help reduce bulk and make the box sides sit nicely. You don't need to be too precise with this step as you'll be covering the box with patterned paper.

15. Secure the tabs to the inside of the box using strong glue or double sided tape. Allow to dry, then decorate the inside and outside of the box with pieces of patterned paper. Remember that the base of the box will measure 4" x 4", while the sides will measure 4" long x 3" high.

16. Time to attach the box to the card. Apply glue to the bottom of the box and centre it over the inside of your card. While the glue is wet, ensure that the box is sitting in the middle and make any adjustments as required. Allow the glue to dry completely.

17. To finish the button closure, cut another length of twine and thread it through the two eyelets on the bottom of the card as shown in the picture below.

18. Bring the two ends of the twine together and tie them in a knot. The idea is to create a "button hole" with the twine, so as you tighten the knot be sure that it sits below the level of the button.

19. Tie a second knot above the first, this time adjusting the knot to sit above the level of the button, forming a loop that will act as a "button hole". Trim all the excess twine.

20. Push the button through the loop to secure the box. Add any additional embellishments you desire and your Fold Over Box card is complete!



Jackie T said...

Oh Beccy this is just amazing. I love it. Thank you for all the instructions. Now we know what the fish were for. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Teresa said...

WOW!!! What a neat gift box! Love It all!!!!

Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

Fabulous box Beccy and big thank you for your precise instructions


Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

Fabulous box Beccy and big thank you for your precise instructions


aussie aNNie said...

wow Beccy this is gorgeous, thanks for the tut. xx

Bunny said...

This is really lovely. [Bunny]

Mandy said...

Becky that is so pretty. The fishies look fabulous suspended in the laminated layer.

We used to have a fantail goldfish in a tank with a couple of other fishies. It was lovely to watch it swishing around in the water and almost seemed regal.

Did you choose your paper 1st and then colour the fishies to suit or do it the other way round?

Happy New Year, hope you have had a good start :)

Love and Best wishes Mandy xxx

Beccy said...

Hi Mandy,
I started by choosing my papers first, then matched up the markers. I find it a lot easier that way because I have a huge collection of markers and pencils that will match just about any colour.
Happy New Year to you too Mandy, I hope it's awesome!

Lori m said...

Ok... my fingers are not working good this am...not sure what happened, if you get two other replies please delete. Your project is just amazing and so gorgeous, hugs, Lori m

terrie said...

What a wonderful gift box and it turned out fantastic...thank you Beccy for sharing the tutorial..
Well done

Gail said...

Amazing projects and your tutorials are always a nice touch as well - TFS

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wonderful box design and I love those goldfish.

Mandy said...

Hi Beccy,

Thanks for your reply.
I do that to as much as possible, start with the most patterned paper and pick colours from that.
I don't always remember to do it though LOL

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

An amazing box box and design, love the papers and the fish are awesome. I have to laugh, where you showed the inside of the box with paper clips, first glance I thought they were wheel runners for the base. LOL.
Faith x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wow, Beccy! This is beautiful! I need to get over to your store and get those fish!

Mac Mable said...

Popped across from Annie's blog to find out how to do this very creative and fun box.....Fabulous and so much fun x.