Thursday, February 14

Tutorial: Matchbook Card

These cute little matchbook cards are a wonderful way to present someone with a gift card or some birthday money. You could expand the centre pocket with a gusset to add a larger gift, such as a fancy chocolate or perhaps a beautiful herbal teabag.

1. To create the gift card pocket on the inside of the card, you'll need a piece of card stock measuring 51/2" x 21/2".

2. Lay the card stock horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 1" and 31/2". Fold along each score line.

3. Apply a line of glue or double sided tape to one side of the card stock and secure the ends together to form an open-ended pocket. (If you prefer, the pocket can be made from a heavy weight piece of patterned paper).

4. I used a circle punch to add a little arc to the top of my pocket. Although not really necessary, it's a nice finishing touch and helps to identify it as a pocket. Set aside.

5. Take a second piece of card stock measuring 81/2" x 4". This will form the outside of the card. (Please note: I added extra width to the card so I could punch a decorative edge along each side. If you prefer to have plain sides, cut your card stock to 81/2" x 3" and skip step 7.)

6. Lay the card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 3/4", 43/4" and 5". Fold along the score lines.

7. If desired, use a border punch to add a decorative elements to both long sides of the card stock.

8. To decorate, I used some coordinating patterned paper squares cut to fit each space, including the front cover and the inside pocket.

9. Apply a line of glue or a small piece of tape at the very bottom of the pocket. The adhesive should be no wider than 1/4" or you may have difficulty opening and closing your matchbook card. Place the pocket inside the card, flush with the first score line. Bring the bottom flap up and secure over the adhesive.

10. Decide on the type of fastening you'd like to use. Traditionally, matchbooks are simply stapled closed at the bottom, but you could apply brads, which is what I've done, or even some stitching. To apply the brads, I punched two evenly spaced holes all the way through the bottom of the matchbook card, then pushed the brads through and secured them on the back of the card.

11. Decorate the card as desired. I applied a stamped sentiment and image to the front of the card and another sentiment on the inside.

12. To close the card, tuck the top flap under the bottom flap just like the old matchbooks used to do, and voila... you're done!

Stamps: Celebrations

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.


  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial Beccy! I have a few birthdays to visit next month. Now I know what to give :)

  2. Thank you for the great tutorial!! Such a fun idea!
    My to do list is going to be longer, hihihi:)
    Have a nice day,

  3. Thank you Beccy this is a brilliant idea I love it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. Thanks for your tutorial, Beccy. This looks wonderful and I will keep it in mind.
    xxx Margreet

  5. Cute and fun :)
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring us Beccy!

  6. Neat way to give a gift card! Thank you. Yours looks great!

  7. Great tutorial and it is always nice to have some ready when needed.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Thanks so much! I have two baby showers coming up and I'm giving gift cards. This will be great for both of them.