Thursday, February 7

Live Simply

Every now and again I enjoy spending a few days creating mixed media projects. Things can get quite messy with bottles of glue, paints, brushes and ephemera scattered all over the desk, chairs and every other surface in the room!

Here are some step-by-step photos I took of my most recent project, which is a decorated canvas. My favourite part of the process is just after everything is glued down and the first layer of gesso is applied. That's when it's all about the texture and design rather than the distraction of colour... but I also enjoy slopping all the paints and mediums around too!


  1. simply DELIGHTFUL!
    LOVE it ALL, from start to finish!
    ... one day I would like to let go of the tight grip I have on my ruler and try this :)

  2. Hi Beccy this is a stunning canvas I love it. I am not sure if I am brave enough to attempt something like this. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. Very beautiful Beccy !

  4. These are amazing. I haven't played much with mixed media because I don't like getting messy. But... your creation is encouraging me to give it a try.

  5. WOW....2019 is my year to try my hand at mixed media...wish me luck!!