Monday, August 28

Delicious Dutch Fold Card

This is one of three cards I created last year for a magazine article on Dutch Fold cards. They're fabulous for big events where you want multiple people to sign the card, plus they have the added advantage of being reasonably simple to make!

Stamps: Just Desserts by Beccy's Place


Colleen said...

Do you have instructions on how to make?
Thank U

Christine said...

Becky has the most wonderful list of tutorials, check out her Card Folds page at the top of her website or hit the menu button and choose from there.
Well done Becky

Beccy said...

Hi Colleen,
At the top of the screen, just under my banner, you will see a link called "Card Fold Tutorials". Click on that and you will be taken to a list of different folds including the Dutch Fold card. It isn't this specific card, as I did this tutorial for a magazine article, but you can learn the basic fold.

Beccy said...

Thanks Christine... I should hire you as my publicity officer ;)

Teresa said...

Nice--I need to check out more of the tutorials.

Donna said...

Oh how cute! And what a great idea. I wish I had seen this when I was working. I often made cards that the entire staff signed!

terrie said...

Great looking fun fold card....tfs

Sandra H said...

Oooh this is just amazing your so talented in all that your do .......simply is gorgeous! x