Tuesday, November 29

Check It Twice...

I've made a list of all the people who haven't yet collected their prizes. Please check to see if your name is here, and if so, pop over to my store and select something you'd like, then email your choice to me at beccysplace@bigpond.com.

DAILY COMMENT WINNERS (a single image from any set)
  • Tina Z (day 8)
  • Cheryl Quilts (day 17)
  • Cely (day 18)
  • Liz (day 19)
  • Marianne (day 24)
  • Donna (day 28 - which is today)
SATURDAY WEEKLY WINNERS (a full set of digital stamps)
  • Gildette (week two, card 114)
  • Petra Raams (week three, card 21)
  • Nancy Soetaert (week four, card 3)
  • Suze (week four, card 85)
  • Steffi H. (week four, card 124)
  • Irena's Art (week four, card 332)
RANDOM WINNERS (a full set of digital stamps)
  • Connie Walsh
  • Petra Raams
  • Gildett de Marillac
  • Margreet
  • Treebug
  • Megan
  • Suze


  1. Got mine - Thank you for having these awesome games. I am so pleased with my prize :-)
    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Beccy. I had planned to contact you last weekend, but I got side-tracked. Will visit the store and e-mail you today. Thanks for all the time and effort, and not to mention prizes, you put into this challenge.
    Marianne x (also in Greece lol)

  3. YOU are SO THOUGHTFUL making this list to follow up with all the missing winners Beccy!!!
    THANK YOU :)

  4. thank you, beccy - yes, I know I have to collect my prize and I will email you :)))).
    have a lovely day

  5. Thanks, Becky. I somehow missed the post for day 19. Off to have another look at the images and I'll email you. Thanks for the reminding all the winners. x

  6. WOW Beccy very thoughtful of you to do this - I don't see my name so I must have collected my win - Oh Yeah I did! Thanks so much - this has been fun, fun, fun, and much accomplished! Blessings

  7. was a bit busy last days. I will send you a new mail this evening. Thanks