Saturday, November 22

New Release: Aussie Wreath Set

This Christmas wreath features some very well-known Australian foliage - eucalyptus leaves, flowering gumnuts and little white flannel flowers.  These plants are more familiar to Aussies at Christmastime than all the beautiful holly, mistletoe and poinsettias that grow in the northern hemisphere.
I'm going to use this image on some of the cards I send overseas to my husband's family, and I'm pretty sure some of my overseas friends will be using the image on cards they send back here to wish their Aussie mates a happy Christmas!
Aussie Wreath Set
Susan's Card
Renee's Card
Ilaria's Card
Gail S's Card
Two cards from Gail K
Christine's Card


  1. This wreath is wonderful.
    Used the penguin digi-stamp I´ve won for some quickly cards. It´s sooo cute. Thank you again!

  2. Hello Beccy,

    The This Christmas wreath is wonderful.

    Greeting BAstelfeti

  3. Oh, the wreath is super, Beccy. The card are even better!
    They are beatiful.
    Cheers, Trees

  4. Very pretty! Love all the variations!

  5. Love the new wreath set. The DT cards are gorgeous. They have highlighted your wreath beautifully.

  6. Oh, what a lovely stamp set! Wonderful cards!