Sunday, November 30

Day 30 - Do What You Love

Last year I ended the Month of Holiday Cards challenge in the same way - "Do What You Love".  Use the stamps you love using, colour with the mediums you enjoy and design the cards that you would like to receive yourself.  You'll find the task of creating Christmas greetings for family and friends an enjoyable holiday pastime.

YOUR TURN: Show me the cards you love to create!
Upload your card here.


  1. I am so glad we are finishing with an easier one! I've managed to almost complete every day this month - and with a Beccy's Place image/sentiment so I'm really proud of myself.

  2. The scene is gorgeous! Lovely card!

  3. Oh Beccy, your card is so sweet! I love the CAS style, and the image of the little robins with the old fashioned watering can is so lovely.....beautiful colouring too!

    Jennifer. x

  4. Lovely card Beccy. Thank you for the challenge. I tried to do all cards but ran out of time and missed No 24, 26, 27, 29, but did two for No 28. Maybe next year you could extend the linky for a couple days. Thank you again I really enjoyed this.
    Have a very happy Christmas.

  5. Beccy this card is great.
    A beautiful sweet stamp with the robins.
    Gradually I see them back in my garden.
    A nice ending for A Month of Holiday Cards Challenge. Thanks.


  6. A beautiful and elegant card with a strong and important sentiment.
    Merry Christmas to everybody!
    Be inspired! Be happy!

  7. Simple yet so effective! I love this - your colouring is beautiful!

    Beccy, I know this is the last day of your month of holiday cards and I want to say THANK YOU!!! I really enjoyed myself and I was lucky enough to win a couple prizes and I am so grateful! You really made it fun for everyone and I'm so happy you held this festive party for us! Now we have all our holiday cards made - we just need to get them into the mail! Thank you, Beccy! You are wonderful!

  8. Dear Beccy,
    It has again been a month full of inspiring ideas and cards. I have been travelling a lot this month and could not take part as much as I wanted to. But the ideas I will use later on. Thank you very much!
    Here in Europe we still have some hours left from November, so I dare to send my comment ;)
    Cheers Swissie

  9. Lovely image. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you have given us. It will keep me going for some while yet.

  10. What a "snoesje"! (is cutie or little darling in Dutch).Especially the robins. The snow looks very real!
    Cheers, Trees

  11. ohhh your card is so lovely.
    I love the look of it,
    Love the colours and the softness of it.