Friday, November 29

Friday Winners!

Well done to everyone who has submitted a card this month, I can't believe how many entries there are!  You've obviously been working very hard and hopefully you've managed to build up a nice little stash of cards for the holidays.
Congratulations to the last Friday Winners for this challenge.  All the cards have been fantastic and I've really enjoyed visiting all the blogs and looking through all the amazing entries.
Today's winners are:
Brenda (entry #166)
Shirley (entry #267)
Gildett (entry #284)
KT Fit Kitty (entry #314)
Annie (entry #326)
Marcia (entry # 335)
Carola (entry #349)
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KT Fit Kitty said...

OMGoodness, Beccy, it is an honour to be chosen as one of your picks for the week - you just made my day! Thank you so much! Congratulations to the other winners! I am excited to be going shopping in your store and I will email you.

Very grateful,
KT Fit Kitty

Intruderlady said...

Congrats to all winners!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to be a weekly pick, I will look in your store and email you. Thanks so much for all the fun and inspiration. Congrats to the other winners too.