Monday, November 18

Comment Winner - Day 17

Congratulations Helen!
Please visit my online store and select an image you would like.
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Gorgeous card Beccy - love the simplicity of the colours and the shape. I've previously used a "wonky circle" shape on an embossing board to created a "circular" card, but had never thought of using my Christmas embossing board (complete with baubles, angels, Christmas trees etc.) to make a shaped card. Now I just need more hours in a day, because my mind is racing with ideas!
Thank you for your continuing inspiration this month. I'm loving it!
Helen x


Pathy said...

Congratulations Helen!

Intruderlady said...

Congrats Helen!

Teresa said...


Crafty Mamma Mia said...

Ooooo! Thank you Beccy - you have made my Monday! :o) I will have a peek in the store tomorrow and email you. Thank you ladies for your wishes too!
Helen x