Saturday, February 27

Flowered Canvas

Something to Share
I just wanted to show off a bit tonight!
I have some wonderfully talented friends who are also very generous with their time and knowledge, and to complete the package, they are great fun to spend time with! Anway, a few of them came over for a play date yesterday and this is what we made....
My dear friend Penny taught us how to make gorgeous patterned paper flowers. She then had us paint, stipple, stamp, spray and ink a canvas so we had a lovely background on which to mount them. I added some self-adhesive pearls and a few rubons to finish the project and then sealed the entire canvas with some spray matt varnish.
And this was only one of the projects we completed! I also have some gorgeous sheets of shiny card that have been coloured with alcohol inks and some with acrylic paint. I'm not sure what I'm going to create with them yet, but I'll definitely share it on my blog when it's done.


  1. WOW.......that looks fantastic.......! I only wish I didn't work Friday nights and that I could come for a visit & play with you girls :)
    Can't wait to see what else you have created :)

  2. I only wish I didn't leave half a world away....I'd love to be able to scrap with you ladies!!! Penny, those flowers are great! what you did with them!