Monday, February 1

Technique Class - Light

Getting The Light Right
When colouring an image, it's important to take the light source into consideration so that you end up with an image that is not distorted by incorrectly placed shadows and highlights. Shading an object also helps to give it a three dimensional aspect that will make it appear to lift from the page rather than being flat. So what does that mean?
Basically, all you need to remember is that the light that hits your object will come from one direction, which determines where you place shadows and where you place highlights. Take a look at the leaf below. The sun indicates the light source and the arrow indicates the direction that the light will take as it hits the leaf.

The light will hit the leaf on the top side (the side closest to the sun), making it the correct position for a highlight (an area of lighter or brighter colour). We can assume then that the bottom side of the leaf (farthest from the sun) is where the shadow will fall (an area of darker or deeper colour).

Here is the leaf with the shadow added on the bottom side - the opposite side to where the light hits it. This is the general rule for adding shadows.

Shadows and highlights can also be used to add shape to an object. By adding a shadow along the vein of the leaf we effectively make that section recede giving the impression that the leaf is actually folded slightly.

You can use this technique to give shape to any object. For example, if you shade a circle around all the edges and leave a highlight in the very centre it will appear to be a sphere with the light source hitting from the front.

Try it with different shapes and objects and see what results you come up with.

Have fun!


For the Love of Paper Crafts said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about light and coloring.


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Thank you for posting this--the light thing is my greatest challenge when coloring. Still waiting for the light to go on regarding this. I think this will help.

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Great tip and great site! Thanks!

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Great tutorial - very helpful - thanks so much!

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What a great site, thank you Beccy for sharing your so grateful Daisy Moo

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