Friday, December 7

Tutorial - Pyramid Cards

Pyramid cards are fabulous, free standing display cards that are relatively easy to make. With three sides to decorate, they would make perfect table centrepieces for any celebration. The card is held in place with a simple closure that keeps it standing, but it can easily be folded flat for postage.

1. Start with three 5" x 5" pieces of card stock. Score them diagonally from corner to corner and fold along the score lines.

2. Place one square in front of you with the score line running vertically. Place a second square along the score line of the first square and use a pencil to mark the bottom edge. This will act as a guide for placing adhesive.

3. Add double sided tape or glue to the marked square, making sure the adhesive does not go below the pencil marks you made in step two.

4. Remove the backing paper and secure the second square in place, keeping it slightly to the left of the score line.

5. Repeat with the third square so that you have all three connected.

6. Now you can fold them up to form the pyramid shape, and that's basically the card base finished.

7. Time to decorate! I used Christmas themed patterned paper and some mirror card to decorate the sides of my pyramid. You'll need three large triangles and three small ones.
I formed each large triangle by cutting mirror board squares measuring 43/4" then cutting them in half from corner to corner. The patterned paper layer is cut from 41/2" squares cut in half from corner to corner.
The small triangles were cut from mirror board squares measuring 13/4" then cut in half from corner to corner, and patterned paper squares measuring 11/2" cut in half from corner to corner.

8. Take care to layer the pieces in the correct places, particularly the small square on the far left hand side. Double check by folding the card into it's pyramid shape before you secure any of the triangles.

9. Now it's time to place the closure. We'll be using a large brad to hold the card in it's pyramid shape. Alternatively, try a large button or even a sentiment tag... anything that you can slide the side of the card behind.

10. Fold the card into it's pyramid shape. You want to place the closure (brad, button or other) just below the large triangle flap. I've marked the position with a tiny cross in the photo below. The brad will extend up to hold the top triangle in place.

11. Use a sharp tool to pierce a hole for your brad. If you're using a button or tag, make sure you keep the adhesive in the very centre so that the edges can still lift.

12. Secure the brad through the hole. Now you can slide the flap behind the brad to hold it in place and to keep your pyramid card standing.

13. Add any additional elements you like to the sides of your pyramid card. 

14. To fold it flat for postage, simply slide the triangle out from behind the brad and collapse the card.



Aunty Sue said...

Becky what a fab tutorial always loved these but could never sort the measurements for the papers but know I can thanks

Colinda said...

Thank you for the tutorial, it looks great!

Liz said...

Beautiful card. Thanks for the tutorial, I've been meaning to try this sort of fold for ages. Thanks for the inspiration. xx

Suze said...

Lovely card. Another great fold for me to try when I get the opportunity!

Any thoughts of having tutorials for folds beginning with V, X and Y so I don't have to get "creative" when you have your alphabet challenges? I'm pleased that you got a laugh out of my creativity this year!

Beccy said...

I'll try and find some card folds Suze... not the easiest letters to work with. Perhaps we'll just have to make some up!

Christine said...

Wow! What a simple but effective card! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

Christine said...

Wow! What a simple but effective card! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

TracyM #6773 said...

THANK YOU for sharing your fabulous tutorial with us Beccy :)

NanaConnie said...

Great tutorial, Beccy! I've thought about making one of these but just could not figure it out. This is exactly what I needed. I'm saving it so I can refer to it this weekend.

Jackie T said...

Oh wow Beccy this is a stunning card. I love the shape. The red cardinal looks fantastic in pride of place. Thank you for the instructions. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Teresa said...

This looks like a fun card! TY

BEARKIS said...

Благодаря, за идеята!Непременно ще опитам да направя!Весели празници!!!

Sandra H said...

So creative and thank you for sharing this x

terrie said...

Great Pyramid Card and it was easy to following....will put it on my list to do in the future.....tfs