Sunday, March 11

New Release: Prehistoric Party

All my kids were fascinated with dinosaurs when they were little. I used to think it was just a quirk of our family, but then we took our oldest to preschool and discovered that almost every other child of the same age was just as fascinated. The teachers must have been well aware of this interest because it was one of the first learning areas they covered. Now my little nephew, the youngest in our extended family, loves to tell me all about T-Rex and Parasaurolophus and gives me wonderful demonstrations of the way their stomp around roaring loudly!

So today's set is dedicated to all the brilliant, and very entertaining, young palaeontologists out there... may they stomp and roar forever.

Prehistoric Party
digital stamp set

My designers have created some fabulous cards and projects for the little dino-hunters in their lives. Don't forget to visit their personal blogs for more information about their work and to see other great creations.


  1. Oh Beccy this is a stunning set of images. I love all the cards that have been made. It is a very flexible set. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. LOVE this set! It's now on my wish list. And your samples are adorable.

  3. those are super fun and so cool!