Sunday, September 18

Coming Soon...

One of the new October releases at Beccy's Place is a digital set called "Build-A-Wreath". As the name implies, you can use all the different elements in the set to build wreaths for whatever occasion you wish. As a little bonus, the set also comes with these four pre-built and pre-coloured images to get you started.

These sneak peeks from my designers give you even more idea of the versatility of the "Build-A-Wreath" digital stamp set. All of the individual elements have been saved as .png files, which means they have a transparent background for clean and simple merging. That feature, combined with the ability for resizing and flipping, means there is an almost endless array of possible configurations you can discover.

In Store From October 1st


Teresa said...

Great set and designs!

Sandra H said...

These sets are amazing x

Maxine D said...

Wonderful designs and examples