Monday, June 18

Quilt Stars Set

It's another quilt for the collection!  This time it's one for the boys... although you could colour it in lovely soft pastels for a baby, or pretty brights for a girl.  It comes in a set of four black and white line drawings plus one coloured image.

Vivien's beautiful card done in soft shades of lavender and blue.

Eret's card has a slightly western feel to it.

Beccy's card was designed with a boy in mind.


loz said...

All Beautiful cards..Loz

Crafty Mamma Mia said...

Beautiful cards - thanks for sharing! Helen x

Glenda Atkins said...

Love them all, that quilt would make a fabulous card for a baby, the colours you gave the image would determine who it was for (boy or girl as they are all stars ,at least at birth -lol)

Teresa said...

Great cards!