Thursday, September 2

Penguin Cards

There have been quite a few readers requesting winter and Christmas designs as well as a request for a little penguin... so I thought I'd roll all that into one and came up with this little guy. The actual line drawing for him is a little slimmer and not really what I was after. But being digital, it was an easy task to increase the width of the picture until I ended up with a nice, stout little fellow much better suited to those harsh winter conditions.


Autumn Mist said...

Fantastic, thankyou, I will certainly be using this one, he's very cute!

Scottish Nanna said...

This is so cute I will use this one for my xmas the moment I am using your patchwork chook as A stitchery when I finish I will show you Thanks for all these great patterns.
Hugs Mary.

chrissy xx said...

Oh! This is soooo cute.

Addii said...

lift forces cute! you guys rock!