Friday, May 7

Technique Class - Handmade Flowers

Tulle and Lace Flowers
These pretty flowers are really quite easy to make. All you need are the right materials and some basic sewing skills to begin producing your own beautiful embellishments. Once you get the general idea of how these flowers are constructed you can start to experiment with different widths, colours and textures for some different results.

4" of gathered lace approximately 1/2" wide.
8" x 1" length of tulle fabric (also known as netting)
Sharp scissors
Needle and thread
Quick drying glue
Artificial flower stamens (or a pretty button, etc.)
White puff paint (or kindy glitz, etc.)
Heat tool

1. Add a row of running stitch along the bottom of the lace piece. (Running stitch is the most basic sewing stitch and is just up and down through the fabric.)

2. Pull the thread tight to gather the lace. Add some small stitches to form the lace into a circle and secure with a tight knot.

3. Concertina the piece of tulle until you have folded it six or eight times. With you sharp scissors, round off one of the open ends. Do not cut through the sides where the tulle is folded.

4. Your tulle should now be scalloped.

5. Apply a sparse amount of puff paint to the very edges of the scalloped tulle. Remember that puff paint expands to about 3 times it's size, so be sparing or you may end up with flowers that look as they marshmellows have exploded all over them!

6. Very Carefully apply heat to the puff paint. Remember that tulle is a synthetic fabric and will melt if you heat it too much. Keep your heat gun nice and high and if it looks as though the tulle is starting to melt remove the heat. Do not touch melted synthetics or you may sustain a nasty burn.

7. Add another row of stitching along the bottom of the tulle and pull tight as you did for the lace. Now it's a simple matter of layering the lace on top of the tulle, pushing some flower stamens through both layers and securing it all with some strong glue.


Andrea Ewen said...

Great instructions, as soon as I gather up those materials I'm going to make some...they are adorable and I adore flowers! Thanks for the tips!

Love crafts forever said...

So beautiful. Thank you.

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

WoW...the flowers are beautiful! What a fab tutorial. TFS! I luv all your beautiful creations. TFS the digi's! I wish I could draw like you. Mind if I added your fab blog to my blog roll?


Erica W. said...

These are beautiful.. how simple and elegant!

Unknown said...

Hi Beccy
This is stunning,
Christine x

sucor said...

Another great tutorial! Thank you very much for sharing!

chrissy xx said...

Just Gorgeous. Thank you.

mommyof2tuties said...

All of your images and ideas are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!!

CM2 said...

Having lots of fun reading your older posts and discovering even more beautiful creations! Thank you! :-) CM2

Donna said...

I absolutely love this flower! This is on my list for tomorrow! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Blessings, Donna

Marg said...

What a wonderful flower! Thanks for showing us how.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. thanks


topcat said...

i love you blog and all thats in it

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh, how beautiful! I have never seen any flowers like this anywhere - and they look amazing! And to think I have all the supplies sitting in my Craft Room! Guess what I'll be doing instead of houseworks today........?

Lucia Orofino Cardoso said...

I love your blog. Everything here is beautiful!!!!

Людмила said...

Очень замечательно огроооомное спаааасибо