Wednesday, September 20

Tutorial - Vertical Stepper Cards

Vertical Stepper cards feature concertina sections on both sides and a bridge section that holds everything together, which is also a great spot for embellishments. They're simple to make and can be resized without too much effort, they also fold flat for postage and will fit into a standard envelope.

1. Start with two pieces of cardstock measuring 11" x 5", which will create a card measuring 5" x 5" when folded.

2. Place one piece of cardstock horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 1", 2", 4" and 6". Repeat for the second piece of cardstock, then fold along all the score lines to form two concertinas.

3. Use glue or double sided tape to secure the two large sections together. It doesn't matter which one is uppermost.

4. To decorate, trim some patterned paper to fit each of the sections. You'll need one piece at 47/8" x 47/8", four pieces at 47/8" x 17/8", and four pieces at 47/8" x 7/8". Use glue or tape to secure them to each of the card panels.

5. To form the bridge or closure, cut a piece of cardstock measuring 5" x 11/4", and decorate with patterned paper if desired. You could also stamp an image or sentiment if your prefer.

6. Decide where you'd like the bridge to sit, keeping in mind any decorations you wish to add to your card. Use strong glue or tape to fix the ends of the bridge to the 1" sections of the card.

7. Finish by adding an image, sentiment and whatever embellishments you wish.

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Gail said...

I love this! Going to give it a try!

terrie said...

Great looking card, thanks for sharing the tutorial.