Friday, June 24

Tutorial - Book Binding Card

They're super quick, super easy and can be made in any size you like.
What's not to love about Book Binding cards?

1. Start with a card blank in whatever size and orientation you desire. The only requirement is a single fold along the spine. For the curious, my folded card measures 4" x 51/4" with the fold along the 4" side.

2. Add a second score line on the front of your card, about 1" from the centre fold. You can be flexible here too, depending on how deep a side section you want.

3. Add a valley fold along the score line.

4. Add glue or double sided tape to the area between the two score lines, on the inside of the card. Press the card closed to form a 1" side fold.

5. Time to decorate! Add a decorative panel to the 1" side fold section, taking care not to add adhesive over the score line. I added a double mat and a long, side-ways sentiment.

6. Decorate the main panel of the card as desired. Done!


Crafting Queen said...

Great card, love the design and image. Anesha x

Gail said...

what a great idea for a card base! Love it and the card is amazing - TFS

Christine said...

Thank you. I did wonder how they were created.

Teresa said...

Definitely want to do this one. Thank you. Cute card!

terrie said...

I love this style of you said very easy to do...tfs