Monday, February 19

New Release: Waratah

Waratahs are striking Australian native flowers that are most commonly a deep, rich red in colour. They look gorgeous on birthday and greeting cards, but because of their festive colours, they also make wonderful Aussie themed Christmas cards. What a great all-rounder!

clear stamp set

Anesha and Carla have created some
fabulous cards to help get you inspired...


  1. Hi Beccy, a gorgeous Aussie set, we grow Shady Lady here at home, love the alternate colours Carla and Anesha used, we did have a white variety but it didn't survive one of our chilly winters. Thank you for the inspiration... Megan

  2. Beautifully designed cards, its such a striking flower,Kate x x

  3. Hi Beccy that is a stunning set of stamps. I love the flower it is not one I have seen before. The cards are all gorgeous. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie