Sunday, October 22

New Release: Nancy's Garden

I have lots of talented gardeners amongst my family and friends. Some of them can coax tiny green shoots out of the earth and have them blooming brightly within a few weeks. I, on the other hand, am a person who sticks something in the ground, says a little prayer over it, and hopes for the best!

My mum-in-law is in a class of her own when it comes to gardening. Her home is a stunning example of how talented she is with flowers, trees, shrubs and produce. We've had many delicious meals with fruits and vegetables that have come from her back yard. She's also involved in a community gardening project that produces hundreds of pounds of produce per year that is donated to charity groups and organisations around her home city. To top it off, she has also achieved the status of Master Gardener. 

This new stamp set is dedicated to my lovely mother-in-law and
her talent for growing and nurturing all good things from the earth.

My designer have created some wonderful cards and projects to help get you inspired. Don't forget to stop by their personal blogs to check out even more of their work.

Anesha decorated a brush caddy with the little rose stamp (above)
and created a card in matching colours (below).

Carla put together two beautiful cards using
various stamps from the new set.

Petra created a collection of fabulous bookmarks
as well as two pretty cards.

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Teresa said...

Great cards and set.