Monday, March 13

Tutorial - Exploding Box Card

Exploding Box Cards are probably not for the beginner card maker given the amount of cutting, measuring and layering involved. But the end result is definitely worth the added effort, especially if you're looking to create a card for an extra special occasion. These cards contain lots of extra surface space that can be utilised for photos, images, embellishments or messages from large groups of people. They also have a large open space in the very centre that is big enough to hold a gift, some chocolates or a 3D embellishment. Check out all the fabulous ideas on the internet by searching for "exploding box card pictures"... it's definitely worth it!

1. You'll need 4 pieces of coordinating card stock and some matching patterned paper. You can add extra items such as embellishments, stamps and ribbon as desired.

2. Place a piece of 12" x 12" card stock on your score board and score at 4" and again at 8". Turn the card stock 90 degrees and score again at 4" and 8" to create nine square sections. (see template for scoring positions).

3. If your score board has an attachment that allows you to score on the diagonal, add it and score from the outer corner to the centre score line (refer to template). Repeat in all four corners. If you don't have a score board, you can simply use a ruler and scoring tool (see below).

4. Fold along all the score lines. The horizontal and vertical score lines are valley folds and the diagonal score lines are mountain folds. Set aside.

5. Trim your second piece of card stock to a square measuring 111/4" x 111/4". We're going to remove a square piece from each of the four corners that measures 33/4" x 33/4". Measure and mark 33/4" horizontally and vertically from each corner. Draw a line between each of the marks so that you have a grid of 3 squares across and 3 down. Using a sharp knife or trimmer, remove the four corners.

6. Score and fold along the inner lines so that your card stock resembles the picture below.

7. Trim your third piece of card stock to a square measuring 101/2" x 101/2". We're going to remove a square piece from each of the four corners that measures 31/2" x 31/2". Do this is the same manner as before, but adjust the measurements.

8. To decorate, I used the off cuts from the second piece of card stock on the outside of the box. You can use patterned paper, images or just leave it blank. 

9. I added some patterned paper triangles to the inside of my card box. These will only be visible once the box is opened.

10. I cut squares from pieces of patterned paper and decorated the two other pieces of card stock. You can decorate both sides if desired. Now is the time to add photographs or images to each of the "flaps", it's a little easier than waiting until it's all constructed.

11. Add strong glue or double sided tape to the centre back of the second piece of card stock.

12. Carefully centre it over the base card stock and press firmly to adhere in place.

13. Repeat with the other piece of card stock, being careful to centre it well.

14. You've just completed the base of your card!

15. Now we have to make a lid. Trim the fourth piece of card stock to 71/2" x 71/2". Place it on your score board and score at 15/8". Rotate 90 degrees and score again at 15/8". Rotate 90 degrees a second time and score at 15/8". Rotate 90 degrees one more time and score at 15/8". Fold along all four score lines.

16. Using a knife, scissors or trimmer, make ONE cut on each corner. Cut on one of the score lines, stopping when you reach the next score line (see photo below).

17. To make your corners extra tidy, you might like to remove a small section from the little square tab in each corner. Make sure you don't remove any of the card stock from the long sections in the centre.

18. Turn your card stock so the top of the lid is facing up. Apply glue to the tab and press it to the inside of the lid. Repeat on all four corners until you have a shallow box.

19. The lid should slip easily over the base and serves to hold everything closed.

20. Now it's time to decorate! I added lots of three dimensional flowers to the centre of my card as well as a stamped sentiment and some Nuvo crystal drops. I finished the lid with some ribbon and a stamped and coloured image.

I hope you'll give this card a go... it might be a little bit of a challenge but it's definitely worth the effort.



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Megan J said...

WOW! What a great card, I've been after a tutorial on how to make one, thank you Beccy! Will have to try it out now.... have a wonderful week.... Megan

Teresa said...

Neat card! Thank you for the tutorial.

terrie said...

Just beautiful and thanks for the tutorial...
When I finish re-doing my craft room I want to make one

LJM said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! Made one for my Granddaughter’s graduation this afternoon. So pleased with how it came out and thankful for your measurements!

Unknown said...

Looks lovely and certainly challenging but I can't wait to experiment.

Cara said...

Thank you so much for your easy to follow tutorial. I made one for my Mother-in-laws 80th birthday and she loved it!