Monday, February 13

Tutorial: Waterfall Cards

Looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your next card-making project? Well, look no further! This card has the wow-factor, is interactive and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to put it together. Now that's my kind of card!

1. Gather together the supplies for your card. You'll need:
  • a card blank measuring 41/4" x 6"
  • one 2" x 9" piece of cardstock
  • four 2" squares, stamped and coloured
  • four 21/4" squares of coloured card or paper to mat the stamped images
  • two pieces of patterned paper - 4" x 53/4" and 4" x 11/4"
  • piece of ribbon or string for pull tag
  • an eyelet, staple or other way to secure the ribbon
  • adhesives and cutting tools 

2. Place the 2" x 9" strip of card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 2", 21/2", 3" and 31/2". Fold along each score line. 

3. If you're adding an eyelet to your pull tag, do it now. It is placed on the bottom of the strip of card stock you just scored, furthest away from the folds. 

4. Use glue or double sided tape to adhere the 4" x 53/4" piece of patterned paper to the front of your card blank. You should end up with a small border all around the card. 

5. Place a strip of double sided tape or a thin line of glue on either end of the 4" x 11/4" strip of patterned paper, making sure none of it is applied to the centre. Adhere it across the card front, 2" from the bottom of the card blank.

6. Slide the strip of card stock under the strip of patterned paper so that the folded score lines are at the top and the eyelet (if added) is at the bottom. 

7. Apply some glue or double sided tape to the centre of the strip of patterned paper. The adhesive should be no wider than the strip of card stock. 

8. Secure the strip of card stock to the strip of patterned paper. Be sure to line up the edges and make sure everything is centred before you secure it permanently. This strip is the basis for the interactive component of the card. (note: the strip of card stock should be able to slide up and down behind the patterned paper when pulled by the eyelet end)

9. If desired, stamp a sentiment on the bottom of the strip of card stock. 

10. Now it's time to add the images to your card. Begin with the bottom image, which is the one that will appear last when the card is activated. Apply glue to the first section of the strip of card stock, between the end and the first score line. The hash lines, in the photo below, indicate the area where adhesive should be applied. 

11. Secure the first image onto the adhesive, keeping the top of the mat just below the first score line and centring the image over the strip of card stock. 

12. Now apply adhesive in the next section, between the first and second score line, and add the second stamped image. 

13. Apply adhesive to the area between the second and third score line and attach the third image. 

14. Apply adhesive to the area between the third and fourth score lines and secure the fourth image, which will be the top image on your card. Be careful not to secure the last image too high on the card stock or the strip won't move. You should be able to see the last score line easily.

15. Attach the string through the eyelet (or the ribbon with a staple, etc.) and you're done!

Now you can gently pull on the string and watch the images flip by!

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir
All rights reserved.


  1. This is a great card. I made one last year. It was so easy and such a great result. Thanks for sharing the technique.

  2. SUPER COOL card!
    THANK YOU for the tutorial Beccy :)

  3. This is gorgeous!!! I have always wanted to do a waterfall card. You worked so hard to give us these awesome illustrations on the step. Thank you so much!

  4. Great waterfall card....I also like your theme perfect for a masculine card or any theme will do...thanks for the tutorial.

  5. So clever! I can't wait to try this! Gorgeous stamps you used!

  6. Fabulous tutorial l love these cards and have made them before so lovely once they are put together don't see enough of them xx

  7. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.

  8. Hi Beccy, I've never been able to make a waterfall card, when reading this tut, I've desidede to give it another try. 'Thank you for an tut w. pictures and explanation that is easy to understand. You're the best. Have a blessed day.

  9. I absolutely love this waterfall card!I would love to subscribe to your blog. Is there a place where I can? Thanks for sharing such a wonderful paper treasure.💕

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      If you scroll down the left hand side a little way, you'll find a box with the heading "Follow By Email". If you add your email address in the box and click on "submit" you'll receive a daily digest of the posts I make.