Thursday, January 12

Tutorial: Building Block Cards

Building block cards get their name from the square shapes that "pop up" when the card is open. They are handily placed to hold a sentiment made of individual letters, or even little images or embellishments. Usually these cards are created by cutting slits directly into the card base and then folding them inside. The method I want to show you today actually uses four strips of cardboard that are adhered to the card base in the same position as the traditional style.

1. Start with a piece of card stock measuring 53/4" x 111/4". Place it horizontally on your score board and score at 33/4" and 71/2". Make a mountain fold on the first score line and a valley fold on the second score line so that you end up with a Z-fold card.

2. Cut four pieces of card stock to measure 11/4" x 5". I've used the same card stock as my base, but feel free to experiment with other colours for a different look.

3. Score each strip at 11/4", 21/2" and 33/4" then fold along the score lines.

4. Starting at the top edge of the card, measure and mark your card base along the valley fold at 11/4", 11/2", 23/4", 3", 41/4" and 41/2".

5. Apply glue or double sided tape to one end of the first strip. Secure it between the top of the card and the first mark you made, keeping it flush with the top of the card and with the rest of the strip facing toward the right hand side. See the photo below.

6. Repeat with the remaining strips using the marks you made earlier to line them up. 

7. Bring the first strip back over to the left hand side and apply glue or double sided tape to the end square. See the photo below.

8. Bend the strip over and secure it to the centre piece of the card, matching the first end you secured. A little box will be formed.

9. Repeat with the remaining three strips until you have four little boxes or "building blocks" in the centre of your card.

10. All that's left is the decoration! Have fun.

Stamps: Simply Freesias by Beccy's Place

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved.


Teresa said...

This is great.I am going to have to try this one. Thank you.

Liz said...

Love the style of card, definitely one I'll be trying. Thanks for the tutorial. xx

Petra-loves-paper said...

What a great tutorial and the flowers are so colourful on your card, wow! Greetings Petra

kiwimeskreations said...

I like how you have constructed this Beccy - thank you!

Crafting Queen said...

Wonderful card.

CarlavdM said...

Wow I really like the way you made a totally different block card.
Thank you for the tutorial. I'm off to give it a try tooo.

Sandra H said...

Amazing Beccy your tutorial is so easy to follow and the end results is stunning what a lovely card you have produced xx

paloma34 said...


terrie said...

Awesome and thanks for the tutorial....will for sure give this a try.....what a surprise to have when opening the card...well done

TracyM #6773 said...

FABULOUS folds and card!
THANK YOU for sharing this tutorial Beccy :)

Wies said...

Thanks for this tutorial Beccy. Great card and shape. I gave it a try and made a simular card with your pattern :

Lucy said...

This is brilliant, seen these and thought I haven't got the patience or the steady hand for them. Glad I found this tutorial means I can actually make these now! Thank you so much :)

Bighair951 said...

QUESTION????? Where does one find cardstock that measures 11&1/4". All I can find is 11". Please advise. Thank you for the great ideas and tutorials!!

Beccy said...

Hi Bighair. You can either start with a 12" x 12" piece of card stock or join a couple of pieces together. If you decide to join pieces, may I suggest you make the join on one of the folds? It will keep everything neat and tidy.
Alternatively, adjust the size of the card so that it fits your piece of card stock. All you really need are three panels of the same size - for example a 10.5" piece of card stock can be scored at 3.5" and 7". You'll end up with a slightly narrower card but it will still work just fine. Good luck!

Christine Harrop said...

Beccy, I have just found your tutorial (I'm a bit late to the party!) and it is fabulous! So much easier than cutting into cardstock and trying to be absolutely precise. Thank you so much. Christine x