Tuesday, December 1

A Few More Prizes...

 A huge thank you to every one who played along this month, whether by entering projects into the challenge, leaving comments, posting links or visiting other peoples sites to see what they've been making.  Without your participation the Month of Holiday Cards just wouldn't be possible.  So thank you for the inspiration, the fun and the fabulous ideas... I'm definitely feeling the spirit!

Now, since it's a Holiday Challenge, I think every one who entered a card should receive a little something.  I know many of you won full digital sets throughout the month, but there were a few people whose gifts are still under the tree...

Crafty (Drapers Creations)
Conny Hillgaard
Ria Montefalcon
Nancy Williams
Sarah Brennan
Deloris T.
Viv's Visuals
Crafty Milka
Margaret M.

Please visit my online store to select a full set of digital images
and email your choice to me at beccymuir@yahoo.com


Connie Walsh said...

What an amazing contest, Beccy!! I am hooked on challenges. I learned so much. I have been going through some of your tutorials. Thank you for those as well.

Milka Gubo said...

Thank you very much, Beccy!!! You are so kind. <3 :-D

aussie aNNie said...

The kindness of a gentle lady and lovely each person won a goodie in some way or another. Thanks Beccy it sure was fun and an amazing bunch of talented ladies...will miss this.x { aNNie}

Suze said...

Congrats to the winners - and thank you so much Beccy for running such a fabulous challenge. You have pushed me to try some new things - always good to learn new things.

Petra-loves-paper said...

What a good idea to give everyone a present, after all everyone made wonderfull and beautifull cards! you are so very kind Beccy! A big thank you for the inspiration you gave us every day. I really enjoyed this month! greetings Petra

Marianne said...

You're the best, Beccy! Congrats to all. Have fun with your new images!

Suzana said...

Congratulations to all participants to this beautiful challenge! It was funny, creative, with new things (for me!). All the posts were great. I loved them!
I wish you all to accomplish everything you want and dream!
Thank you, Beccy for this beautiful month!

Viv said...

Oh WOW Beccy - thanks so much - I loved using your images the short time I was on your DT so to get to own another free is fantastic - thank you again. x

Megan J said...

Hi Beccy, a huge THANK YOU for all the amazing inspiration, the tutorials, your kind and encouraging comments and the lovely prizes you so generously shared. To you, your design team and family have a wonderful summer and a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to all the fun again next year ... Megan

Teresa said...

Congratulations to all and thank you Beccy for having this challenge!

Tina Z. said...

You are so kind and simply the best, Beccy! Congratulations to all.

Engelchen said...

Thank you Beccy. That is very kind of you.
Greetings Geesje

KT Fit Kitty said...

This is awesome! I love to see all of those names! You are so kind and generous, Beccy! Congratulations to everyone!

Hazel said...

How exciting, thank you so much - you are so kind. Off to have a look to choose. x

Margreet said...

So generous of you to be everyone once a winner!
It has been a pleasure playing here last month.
xxx Margreet

Anonymous said...

This isn't a little something, this is a big holiday gift! Thank you very much!
I'm going to email you my choice.