Thursday, March 19

Tutorial: Double Side Step Cards

Side step cards are fabulous display cards that can be made in a wonderful array of sizes and shapes depending on your needs.  They are perfect for creating three dimensional scenes and can stand alone when open to show off all your hard work.  Today I'm going to show you how to create a double side step card, which in this case means a panel on either side of the "steps".  Alternatively, you could make your card with "steps" on either side of a central panel... it's up to you.
1.  Start with a 12" x 6" piece of cardstock.  Cut 3" from one end leaving a piece of cardstock that measures 9" x 6".  Reserve the small piece you cut off.

2.  Use the template below to mark, cut and score your 9" x 6" cardstock.
3.  Fold along each of the score lines until you end up with "steps" in the centre of your card.  Now you have your double side step card base ready to decorate.
4.  The small piece of cardstock you removed in the first step fits perfectly onto the back "step" of the card and can be used to hold an image or sentiment.

5.  I decorated my card with die cut trees and flowers on the front panels, a little white picket fence on the middle panel, and a sentiment on the back panel.
Photos and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.  All rights reserved.


  1. Fantastic card and scene Beccy. Thanks for the tutorial. I have to have a go at this..Loz

  2. So beautiful and creative is your card as always you are so talented in lots of crafty ways x

  3. What a cheerful card! Makes me smile just to look at it. Spring flowers and blooming trees. Love the colors.

  4. LOVE the card!!! Thank you for the tutorial--will have to try it sometime!

  5. That looks great, thanks for the tutorial Beccy !

  6. Beautiful card and tutorial, Beccy! I'm bookmarking this for later - thank you!

  7. Just what I needed to finish a very special bday card. Hope you don't mind if I link up to your blog when I post it. Great instructions and lovely sample card.

    1. Of course I don't mind Debi, go for it!

  8. Great design Becky, lovely and colourful!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  9. Thank you for the wonderful TT the double side step is beautiful ...Lis

  10. I have just used your template (with a little tweak to make it up to 7") for my DT card on the Crafty Calendar Blog challenge, I will link up to your blog to ensure everyone knows where to look! Thank you so much for this, it was really easy to follow - thank goodness! Big hugs and more thanks Sue Pxxx

  11. I love this! Thanks for the tutorial!