Saturday, July 26

Tutorial: Cascade Card - 1 piece

Today I'm going to show you a nice easy way to create a one piece Cascade card.  The other method of creating a Cascade card uses two pieces of cardstock and is a little more complicated, you can find a tutorial for it here
1.  You will need one piece of cardstock measuring 6" x 12".

2.  Starting from the left hand side, and with the cardstock in a landscape orientation (longways), score at 2", 4", 8" and 10".  Then fold in the following manner: mountain, valley, valley, mountain. 

3.  Measure and mark 2" down from the top left hand corner of your card.  Draw a line from the mark you just made to top of the 4" score line.  Now repeat on the right hand side - measure and mark 2" down from the top right hand corner of your card, then draw a line between the mark and the top of the 8" score line.

4.  Use a trimmer or a craft knife and ruler to cut along the lines.  (Keep the triangular off cuts to use as templates for decorating your card.)

5.  Fold up your card and crease each fold firmly.

6.  To decorate, use a piece of patterned paper measuring 53/4"x 33/4" for the inside of the card and four 13/4" strips of patterned paper to decorate the panels.  Take note of how the card folds as not everything that is visible when the card is folded is actually on the front.  (Use the triangular off cuts to get the correct angle on your patterned paper.)

7.  Secure a sentiment or image panel on one side of the front opening and your card is done!
Images and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir 2014


  1. Really pretty and lovely layout x

  2. Thanks for this tutorial Beccy - I am going to try it - thanks a bunch! Your card is lovely!

  3. Oh My Beccy - I whipped that card up in no time - I used your digitals and entered the challenge for this month -that is a very EASY tutorial and I like this shape of card - very nice - this was my first Cascade tutorial! Great job on the tutorial! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Your tutorial is so easy to follow.... and I luv the paper you used on your card....Thank you for sharing your talent with us

  5. Lovely card Beccy and thanks for this tutorial.
    hugs Danica

  6. A real stunner of a card, Beccy, lovely colours too, your flowers DP gorgeous and all your gorgeous added beauties. Thank you again for this easy tutorial, I like easy to follow ones.xx
    The Journey is the Start

  7. Wonderful card and super easy tutorial, Beccy! Thanks so much!!!

  8. thanks for this tutorial, I am going to try it too!!! beautiful!

  9. Beautiful papers on this card. Wonderful tutorial. Thank you. Check out my cascade card here:

  10. Pretty! Thank you for the tutorial.

  11. Hi, Beccy - your card is beautiful - wonderful colors and design! I especially like "gate" feature in the center. Thanks so much for the tutorial! hugs, de

  12. GORGEOUS!! :-D. SUPER EASY tutorial to follow. Thank YOU sooo much!