Wednesday, May 8

Tutorial: Lattice Card

Today I'll be showing you an example of a Lattice Card, which is basically a card with a window front covered with cardstock "lattice".  These cards work beautifully when you can see the inside of the card peeping out slightly and, of course, they lend themselves well to beautiful flowers and butterflies.
1.  Start with a card blank and another piece of cardstock that is slightly smaller than the front of the card.  For example, if your finished card measures 6" x 4" when closed, your extra piece of cardstock should measure about 53/4" x 33/4".

2.  Secure the extra piece of cardstock to the centre front of your card using removable tape such as washi tape or magic tape. 

3.  Using your favourite shaped die, run the open card through your die cutting machine so that it cuts through both layers.

4.  Carefully remove the tape.  You now have your card blank with a window cut into the front as well as the extra piece of cardstock with the same window.

5.  I recently purchased a lovely lattice die from Spellbinders that cuts out these great sheets of lattice perfect for Lattice Cards.  If you own a die similar to this you can use it to create your card.

6.  For those of you who don't have a die, I'm going to show you another method that involves making the lattice by hand.  Firstly, cut some strips of cardstock measuring about 4" x 1/2".  You'll need 10 - 15 depending on the size of your window.

7.  Place your card blank on your cutting mat lining up the edges with the horizontal and vertical lines so it is square.  You will use the angled markings to line up the strips.  I have a mat that has a 90 degree angle that I generally use, but if you'd like a more diamond shaped lattice you can use one of the other guide lines.

8.  Place a little repositionable glue around the edges of the window on the inside of your card blank.  The glue remains tacky when dry and will hold the strips in place while you work.

9.  Place the strips of cardstock across the window beginning in the centre.  Using the marks on your mat, evenly space the strips until the entire window is covered.  (I usually line up the corners of the squares.)

10.  Now you need to place the strips in the opposite direction, but this time you want to weave them through the strips that are already there.  Under one, over the next, etc., until you have covered the entire window.

11.  Trim the cardstock strips around the window. 

12.  Adhere the extra piece of cardstock over the strips to cover up the edges and keep everything in place.

13.  The window allows you to see inside the card even when it's closed, so add a pretty piece of patterned paper to the inside of the card opposite the lattice window.

14.  I added a stamped sentiment to the patterned paper that can be partially seen when the card is closed.

15.  Now decorate the front of your card with whatever embellishments you wish and your card is done!
Photos and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir
All rights reserved


Wendy L said...

This is so gorgeous, xxx

Unknown said...

I love it Beccy

Unknown said...

Awesome card and tutorial going to do this one today but using my lattice dye...xx

Sarah said...

Beautiful card and great tutorial. Thanks for doing that!

loz said...

Fabulous card and tutorial Beccy..Loz

DIANA L. said...

This is so Awesome-- I am amazed how you did the lattice work I love it.
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Viv said...

Another gorgeous card Beccy, love the tutorial too. You always give such great easy to follow pics.Good that you gave the option to make one even if you haven't got a lattice die, you think of everything :) Viv xx

Teresa said...

How neat is that?? Thank you!

Joyce said...

This is really neat. I appreciate you explaining/showing us how to do it. Makes sense.

karin said...

A great tutorial Beccy ! Thanks for sharing.

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What a gorgeous card Beccy.

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Charlene Mitchell said...

Your tutorials are all fabulous Beccy - I love how you cover ALL the details and steps! This is beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Vicki Miller said...

thanks for looking at my work!

Gail said...

Great job on the tutorial Beccy - I have created these cards last year - need to try again - have a great week - your card is lovely! Gail

Diana said...

Thank u. Love another ideal for die-cuts.

Kristine said...

Beautiful card!!!
And great tutorial,
thanks for sharing:):)

Marie Fyfe said...

thank you so much for these instructions I would have never thought of that -- your instructions were clear and concise-- thanks somuch

Viv said...

Gorgeous card :)

Conny said...

Hi Beccy, Thank you for yet another great tut. I'm going to use this, to make a Christmas card. Have a great day.