Friday, April 19

Tutorial: Teardrop Card (Double Gatefold)

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to make a teardrop card with a trifold base.  Today I want to show you another version of the teardrop card but this time using a double gatefold.  It's only slightly more difficult than the first version, but still very achievable for the majority of cardmakers.
 1.  Cut a piece of cardstock measuring 12" x 6" and score at 2", 4", 8" and 10".

2.  Fold along the score lines in the following manner: (L to R) mountain, valley, valley, mountain.  This will form your double gatefold base.

3.  Using the template above, cut a half-teardrop shape on a separate piece of cardstock.  It should be 6" tall and 13/4" wide to fit nicely on the two front panels.

4.  Use a pencil to mark the teardrop shape on each of the front panels.  You will need to flip the half-teardrop shape you cut so that the long straight edge matches up with the folds.

5.  Cut around the shapes you just drew.  Now you have your base card that folds up to form a teardrop shape.

6.  To decorate the card, use the template to cut out some patterned paper.  Remember to flip the template so that you a piece for either side.  Cut two strips of co-ordinating paper measuring 6" x 2".

7.  Stamp a sentiment on the patterned paper before you adhere everything in place, then add some embellishments to finish your card.

Photos and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir 2013
All rights reserved


  1. Great tutorial Beccy and this looks a really interesting card once it's made up. Another fold to add to my "To Do" list!
    Thanks, Helen x

  2. This is so sweet. Thanks for the tutorial

    DIANA L.

  3. U did it again.Liked the last 1 too.
    Big thanks

  4. Great design. Thanks so very much. Hugs Lynne from OZ

  5. Great Tutorial, thanks want to try this soon....


  6. Good and clear explanation of this cute model Beccy, go this definitely try!, thank you so much.

  7. Wery beautiful card, Beccy. I truly love the shape of it. Thank you for tutorial and idea :)

  8. Great tutorial Beccy ! Thanks for it.

  9. Lovely! Thank you for the tutorial!

  10. What a gorgeous card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  11. Beautiful card and great template, thanks so much Beccy. xx

  12. Great card again Beccy and super clear tutorial too tfs :)Viv xx

  13. Fantastic card and tutorial Beccy..Loz

  14. Love it, Beccy....thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial!

  15. G'day Beccy

    Well it is a lovely change to see a card with a difference and such a clear tutorial too. Have a great day, hope your weather is better than ours, we are having our second heat wave in the land down under.