Friday, September 23

Tutorial: Joyfold Card

Joyfold cards are basically two cards rolled into one. You can get some really great results using a variety of contrasting papers on the different panels of the card and you can also experiment with shape, size and fold placement for unique looks.

White cardstock 41/4" x 10"
White cardstock 3" x 8"
Patterned paper 4" x 33/4"
Patterned paper 4" x 53/4"
Patterned paper 33/4" x 23/4"
Choice of embellishments

1. Start with the 41/4" x 10" piece of cardstock. Measure 6" from one of the short sides, score and fold. You should now have a folded card that has a back measuring 41/4" x 6" and a front measuring 41/4" x 4".

2. Fold the 3" x 8" piece of cardstock in half to make a folded card measuring 3" x 4".

3. Adhere the 4" x 53/4" patterned paper to the inside of the larger card leaving a small border as shown in the picture below.

4. Adhere the small 3" x 4" folded card to the inside of the larger card. Centre it over the patterned paper and make sure it opens from the left hand side as shown below.

5. Adhere the 4" x 33/4" piece of patterned paper to the front flap of the large card.

6. Fold the front flap of the small card over the front flap of the large card. Adhere the 33/4" x 23/4" piece of patterned paper to the front flap of the small card.
7. Now add the embellishments and you're done!

copyright Beccy Muir 2011


Crafty Loops said...

This is a great card and fantastic tutorial. (Ps I have a big blog candy give away on my blog if you fancy a peep) Lee x

Lisa Howell said...

Thank you Beccy!

Katootje55 said...

Thanks for sharing this great tutorial!!

Greetings, Toos (Holland)

Georgiegirl2012 said...

lovely card. x

Jennie said...

Great tutorial and a very pretty card!Thanks for sharing.

Shelly said...

Fabulous card!!! Thanks for the great tutorial, Beccy.

Charodeya said...

Thank you, dear Beccy! It's great tutorial)!

KarinsArtScrap said...

thank you beccy and a beautiful card.

greetings karin

Scrapcat 1 said...

I've not seen these before, thanks for such a clear tutorial

Ardilla said...

Thank you, Beccy!
I jsut saw this card today in another blog and like it a lot and now I see your tutorial, that's great :)

Merry said...

Another fabulous tutorial and terrific papers. Really like how you coloured the bear blue....never would think to do that.

Hannah said...

love the tutorial. Thank you

Viv said...

This looks great, thanks for the tutorial too :O) Viv xx

Jen McLaughlin said...

Awww, love it. I've had this bear colored up (and the cute ballerina too) and haven't used them on cards yet. What a great idea for them!

Divinewoman said...

Thank you for sharing the instructions for this card.

Lynda said...

Very easy to follow tutorial. Loved the card