Tuesday, May 31

Great Ideas

Thanks for the great ideas everyone. There were a few suggestions that I thought were probably more techniques for embellishing or decorating cards rather than a card foundation, so I've left those off this list but hope to get to them another time. Also, I've noticed that some cards have more than one name, so I'll list them under both as I come across them (eg: wobble cards are also known as rocker cards, flip flop cards are also swing card, etc.).

These are the ideas I'm going to add, along with the people who first suggested them:

CardArTart - never ending card

mforquer - double side step card

Jacee - centre step card

CraftyGirl - funky fold card, tilt card, exploding card, pyramid fold card, s-fold card, diamond fold card, triangle tri-fold card, double slider card, slider window card, trellis card, magic window card, flip flop card, pop-up twirl card, free standing pop-up card, double diamond card, double tri-shutter card

Jessica - hidden message card

Theresa F - secret message card, venetian blind card


jessica said...

how about the hidden message card. I did one on my blog on thursday 5/19.
It's a fun one

CraftyGirl said...

Okay, a couple more I found. Pop-up Twirl Card (very cool), Free Standing Pop-up Card, Double Diamond Card, Double Wiper Card, Double Swing Card and Double Tri-Shutter Card.

CardArTart said...

glad to be of help Beccy :)

Paula said...

Just found your blog... LOVE it btw!

I know of 3 more cards I don't see listed in your post or by others above me in "comments"...

Double Easel Card
Double Twisted Easel Card - see one of these I made on my blog:

and a Quad Twisted Easel Card