Monday, November 8

Christmas Time

To get myself into the spirit of the season I decided to add some colour to a design I drew of Mrs. Claus on her way out to Santa's workshop with a little fellow who was sadly left behind... or perhaps he's a naughty little bear who keeps jumping out of the sack and making his way back to Mrs. Claus's kitchen!

Feel free to use this coloured version in your projects or download the line drawing from the next post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful files with us less talented people. Now if I could just learn to color them...

lissy-hanne said...

1000tak for det flotte frimærke,jeg gemmer dem gladelig

Unknown said...

wow thank you for the image
this is very pretty
and you did very good on on your coloring
very pretty
thank again

Poppet said...

Beautiful colouring Beccy. Thank you. :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Beccy. You are really a talented
woman. Great job and thanks for sharing it.