Monday, June 7

Technique Class - Altered Frame

Faux Gold Frames
Alchemy - Turning Wood into "Gold"

It's easy to turn a simple wooden frame into something a little fancier with a lick of paint and some simple embellishments. I've found that the best frames for this project are the "budget" ones that have quite a lot of flaws in the wood. The flaws allow the basecoat to show through giving a little extra depth and making them appear more aged.

A wooden frame
Embellishments (I used three little flowers and some ribbon)
Basecoat paint (I used "Caromello" by Matisse)
Gold paint (I used "Rich Gold" by Jo Sonja)
Paint brushes
Wax candle

1. Make sure the frame is clean and dry. You may want to sand it lightly if the surface is particularly shiny or slick.

2. Tie the flowers together with the ribbon, creating a nice bow.

3. Using strong glue, adhere the flowers and ribbon to the side of your frame as shown. Set aside to dry thoroughly.

4. Basecoat the entire frame, including the flowers and ribbon, with your basecoat colour. I used "Caromello", but this project would also look really good with a basecoat of red or green. Allow the frame to dry.

5. Take an ordinary wax candle and rub it over a few areas of your basecoated frame. After you apply the topcoat of gold paint, you will rub over the frame removing the paint that was applied to the waxed areas, revealing the basecoat colour. This is a resist technique that adds texture and "age".

6. Apply a nice, even coat of gold paint to the entire frame and allow to dry. Use a rough towel or piece of cloth to rub away parts of the topcoat revealing the colour beneath.

7. Now your frame is ready to use!

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Tara Bilbao said...

WOW this is a fabulous project. I love the simplicity of the image with the ornate frame. Just beautiful. I may have to copy this project.

Thank you for your comment on my blog which led me to your beautiful one. I love your work. It is so diverse and inspiring. I will be a frequent visitor.