Friday, March 5

Baby Shower Cake

Nappy (Diaper) Cake
Tomorrow is the day of the big baby shower for my sister-in-law! I have wrapped the keepsake box and matching card I shared in an earlier post, along with some baby clothes and a scrapbook album that I made for the baby. But I felt I needed something pretty to decorate the gift table with...

The "cake" is actually made from rolled up disposable nappies that are arranged to look like a three tier cake. It was so much fun to do and really quite easy once I worked out that I needed elastic bands to keep each nappy rolled until the ribbon was tied in place. Now I'm thinking about all the other "cakes" I can make... maybe tea towels for a house warming, or face washers, towels, or even t-shirts!

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JoanneK said...

That is so adorable!!!!