Saturday, January 9


Free Printable #6
Here is the strawberry printable from the previous card. When you are adding colour to this design, remember to get those shadows nice and dark, particularly between the strawberries and the leaves behind. Add some shine to the berries with a white souffle or gel pen, taking care to follow around the shape of the seeds as on a real strawberry.

Designed: 28.12.09
copyright Beccy Muir


JoanneK said...

Thanks Beccy!!! Your coloring tips are always helpful! I am an awful stamper...these digital prints are great!!!! Now to practice the coloring!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

nice strawberries.

Bizee Fingers said...

Love love love these, thank you so much for posting!!

Deebi27 said...

Yum, yum...a very very favorite fruit of mine! Your digi is fabulous...thankz!

Mary said...

These are delicious looking strawberries! Thanks for sharing your drawings with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the lovely strawberry digi~love it!

Myrna said...

Thank you so much for the strawberry digi. It is so nice of you to share.