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Wednesday, April 6

Technique Class - Woven Baskets Part III

Today's section of the tutorial will cover the plaited handle for the little woven basket. For this section you will need to cut nine 12" x 1/8" strips from the same cardstock you used for the weaving and two 1/8" strips from the off cuts you reserved from the base section of the basket. Use the longest pieces you have for these little strips.

28. Gather the nine 12" x 1/8" strips into a bundle. Thread them through any gap in the top weaving of the basket, leaving about an inch hanging into the centre of the basket as shown below.

29. Fold the strips together so they all point upward as shown.

30. Wrap some double sided tape around the entire bundle two or three times making sure the tape doesn't cover the short ends of the strips. Remove the backing paper.

31. Wrap one of the strips you took from the off cuttings of the base of your basket around the bundle of longer strips completely covering the double sided tape. Add a spot of glue or tape at the end of the strip to hold it in place and to secure the bundle. Now divide the long strips into three groups of three ready for plaiting.

32. Plait the strips together until you are about 1" from the ends.

33. Thread the loose ends of the plait through a gap in the other side of the basket as shown below.

34. Fold the ends up and gather them with the plaited piece. Finish by wrapping the bundle with double sided tape and then with another strip of off cut in the same way you started on the other side (steps 29 - 31). You can now trim any excess cardstock from the handle to tidy it up a little.

35. Now for the fun part... embellishing! I added some handmade flowers on one side of the basket, a ribbon criss crossed over the handle and tied off in a bow and some paper doilies adhered on the inside of the basket.

Now you know how to create a basic basket, why not have a go at changing the shape of your base to an oval or a square and experiment with different colours for your weaving and handles? Try out lots of different embellishments for different themes and occasions. I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and would love to see some of your finished creations. Have fun!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Beccy thanks for the tut.
    Chris x

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    Beautiful... thanks for the tutorial :)

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    I should be looking at your blog more often. only just catching up now. Your work is amaizing.

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