Friday, December 23

More Snowman Poop

Following the huge success of my first batch of snowman "poop" - my nephews being my biggest (and only) fans - I decided to go for a different variety. These are mini marshmallows from the baking section of the grocery store. I created the bag label in my drawing program and stapled it to the top of a clear cellophane packet. Another fabulous idea from Pinterest!


  1. Great idea Beccy. Would go well with some hot chocolate!

  2. Love all your snowman creations. This is such a fun idea too.

  3. These are so cute and fun, Beccy! I think that's so funny about your nephews haha. I just saw something the other day that they would probably love too, called Reindeer Poop. These types of gifts always make me chuckle!

  4. So cute, Beccy! And your nephews aren't your only fans!! I'm a big fan!!
    Hugs and Happy Christmas!

  5. Well done Beccy...great idea
    Merry Christmas